Facebook Retargeting

I’m new to retargeting but from what I’ve seen.. I’m in love.

It’s simple.

Facebook gives you tracking code (called a pixel) which is used to TAG visitors of your website so you can strictly target and advertise to these people via Facebook. It’s perfect.

I was reading a few days ago that another way to target potential clients via Facebook is by sending out messages to your followers or people who LIKE your page. I’m sure there is a way to automate this with tools such as zapier.com now that I think about it.. but I’m quite happy retargeting at the moment.

Facebook Retargeting is great because otherwise.. trying to guess who wants your products and services on Facebook just does not work. It’s not like Google where you can target buying keywords.. you can’t do that with Facebook. Retargeting is the next best thing because those who are targeted have landed on your website already so you KNOW they’re interested in what you do already…

Since implementing Facebook Retargeting I have seen a solid 15% increase in sales. I’m happy with the results and will continue to play around with optimizing.